im making fucking mac and cheese and no one can stop me

thell's reality check e-girl // 20 // He/She/They // Illustrator + Art Student

Baby's First Cringe Compilation

Howdy everyone! My name's Odette, though most call me Moon!

I'm 20, currently living in Halifax NS and studying Applied Media and Communication Arts at NSCC. Im a company director at The Overseer Project and partially own and operate Waterfall.Social.

I'm queer, intersex, neurodivergent and mi'kmaq. White passing, but hey that's what happens when colonialism.

I'm an INFP, Cancer (June 30th) and I like lots of of things like
-Metal gear
-Marina and the Diamonds
-Biblical Lore (Not a christian I just think angels are sexy)

I'm easy going and love to make friends, feel free to add me on discord or msg me on twitter or discord. <3

my carrd for lots of links + my discord