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USPS Merch Store

Repour this!!
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if you're unaware of the current situation, the United States Postal Service aka USPS is slowly being defunded in an attempt to kill it. USPS is the ONLY postal service in the US that guarantees rural citizens can send and receive mail at an affordable cost.

if USPS dies, it means millions of mail in votes WONT HAPPEN! the administration is trying to influence the election any way it can- INCLUDING by not giving millions of citizens the chance to vote.

beyond this, if USPS dies these people will no longer have an accessible way to send and receive mail. most private post companies will stop delivering to these places OR the cost will be so high the service will be priced out!

drew a completely normal picture of my friend's fursona and i

Justice for George Floyd
Justice for Regis Korchinski-Paquet

Im a furry now, but im a moth. Mothsona.

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Mermay Day 16 - Starfish

I'm halfway there....I can make so tired

this is just what the staff chat looks like

Maid dresses are for people with swag

An Anonymous user asked:

Moon, people block people on twitter just for liking Homestuck and other petty reasons all the time, so people blocking you probably doesn't have anything to do with who you are as a person.

explain THIS then. case closed. i am simply annoying.

Valentine: take flight

everyone thank thell cause he has to work with me and i slap together my work like a toddler with glitter glue

Who said angels couldnt be colorful

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Mermay Day 9 - Glaciers

trying out a new lineart style

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Today's Thing! I sketched this like right before the quarantine started and its sadly still appropriate and relevant to post

i want you guys to know that comic BLEW up on twitter and is nearing 900 likes

Redraw of my oc from 2013 lol. here's the 2013 version

Drew a solsar cause im excited to finally be working on her part lol

I didnt like the rose in the new update so i took it into my own hands to redesign her

happy 413