im making fucking mac and cheese and no one can stop me

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Is there nothing more healing to the soul than the war drums of revolution 

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Odette Hall 2018

Old Fiji Water.png cover page! 

Read Here:

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Im so proud of thell
He made a whole website in under a week and is taking the time to moderate, fix and rebuild the website all while learning the proper code to do so without any charge, ads or selling off date.

It's a rare find. It's a one man team. 

#im just pr and visual design #i will admit with a little winky face #come on do a little wink #some people are being VERY rude right now over something they could never do themselves #you're allowed to be mad #but being mad doesn't make you right

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An Anonymous user asked:

Youre wonderful child B))

Shopping Be Women

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Why is the fact that miley cyrus is non binary so hidden? Like I only heard it twice and I just confirmed it by scrolling down "private life" on wikipedia


miley cyrus is WHAT


"Cyrus came out as pansexual to her mother when she was 14, and has said: "I never want to label myself! I am ready to love anyone that loves me for who I am! I am open." In June 2015, Time magazine reported that she also identifies as gender fluid. She was quoted as stating she "[doesn't] relate to being boy or girl, and I don't have to have my partner relate to boy or girl." Cyrus is a supporter of the LGBTcommunity, and is often vocal about her beliefs on the topic. Her song "My Heart Beats for Love" (2010) was written for one of Cyrus' gay friends, while she has since claimed that London is her favorite place to perform due to its extensive gay scene. Cyrus also has an equals sign tattooed on her ring finger in support of same-sex marriage. She is the founder of the Happy Hippie Foundation, which works to "fight injustice facing homeless youth, LGBTQ youth and other vulnerable populations"

Source thats not the wiki:

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u can now play as a rat or squirrel in my first game



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Brooklyn Gates // mush 2019

Some digital painting practice! 'v'


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me @ this site

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still getting logged out 

cant go on any blogs without getting logged out.......

cant go to staff to ask why its happening because i get logged out and cant ask.......................

cleared my cookies ..................... still not working...................


this is mildly inconvenient, to say the least.

IT FIXED ITSELF im fine now waterfall stopped logging me out Y A Y 


oof yikes, im sorry about that :( hopefully if it gets shared around enough thell will see it




if a bug like this happens please do not squander! join the discord linked at the bottom of the site and you'll be able to tell m thell himself!

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Odette Hall 2019

hey kids you want some edge? well come on down to moon's edge emporium, we've got all sorts of edgy content (inspired by @80face 's work on tumblr)

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by newtfiend

hnggggg ptarmigan

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