Commission for eva00goki on twitter

Drew Khiome from Welcome to Doomtlis on MSPFA as a ballerina :3

An Anonymous user asked:

Your art is absolutely wonderful! As someone currently trying my best with art, how do you manage to get proportions right, especially with the poses you do?

References and studying mostly

studying through anatomy studies and figure drawing and stuff and like. after the fact you gotta keep around a bunch of references on muscles and fabrics and hands and stuff. oh also heres a neat tip no one ever tells you. you have hands. you can look at em and like. take pics and trace over them. go wild.

Past is regret, I flashed from the genesis
If I didn't care what my friends did
Friends will pretend in the end when you get big

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octopus beastman for my dnd sesh

I do kofi sketches for like 6 bucks lol

if you wanna send me some kofis and get a sketch or just tip here ya go

Felt like doing something linework heavy

OFW Redux header

"13 trolls who find themselves as confused adults and complaisant with the world and its grim tone until the world begins to get... colorful. For better or for worse."

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sketch of a demon npc for my dnd sesh, her name is emma

Rose Plant NPC for my dnd campaign

Friend's dnd chara, Anke.

also an aasimar druid

dreamt i was a witch so i drew it

Synstylae, Syn for short.

Aasimar druid cowboy lesbian

Your name is Vriska Serket

OwO what's this

prospit val from my dnd sesh