im making fucking mac and cheese and no one can stop me

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Did Track art for "Silver Lining" on the Wake Up album "Momento Mori"

Give it a listen and check out the whole album, months in the making!

What's up gaymers, I'm back from the dead and ready to twist my head on backwards. i'll pop a read more and update yall on my really elegant 3 month stairfall ;^*

So i guess it all started when i got hit with a serious cold? i was knocked right out of my ability to really do anythinnnnggggg so i moped around and stuff. and like. once i was okay i was already moving into my seasonal depression and stuff! its normal! it happens every year and what have yoouuuuu :0 come september my abusive sister came over for some court stuff and decided to crash at my place without asking, bringing over her boyfriend and friend. tons of drama and bad stuff happened lmaooooooo. and like..! i wasnt super medicated at the time and my doctor was retiring and slowing down on appointments so it was hard to see someone lol. anyways. come like. october me and my momma are trying to find a place to like..! live. cause our landlord raised rent like a BUNCH and we couldnt afford it and we were being evicted on the 31st so. we never found a place and i'm like. homeless and stuff. and my tablet broke so. like. bleh. im couchsurfing rnnnn but i feel i should update yall on my situation. bog and mush are taking care of my cats while i try and find a place tho <3 callie is staying with my brother in law. also like. i stole a new tablet so i could continue working. i feel rlly guilty about it but it was at value village and it didnt have a tag on it so no matter how much i paid they wouldnt sell it to me :(

i love you all i will post sketches and memes n updates soon!!!!!!

i'm back babes. last few weeks have been literal hell, but i should be able to get my head out of the trenches soon. gonna dump some drawings here. mwah. 

Odette Hall 2019

haha nooo dont plunge the planet into an orwellian nightmare you're so sexy ahah 😜😳💦

evilbog asked:

hows that case of tuberculosis going?

nurse, i dont know if im going to make it.......... my nose.... its all clogged up......... my head.... it pounds like the drums of war....... i cant taste nothin....

Odette Hall 2019

im sick as a dog and got my hands tied with personal matters but i still managed to get out some human designs for the ofw cast. 

im alive lol

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not to be gay and yearning on main but i had to make this meme

Controversial opinion: I love cicada buzzes

tiddywife asked:

moon ur art is so pretty!!!!!

ty ty!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

tell everyone on the discord that i love them cause this vpn shit dont WORK

That being said, I take two buses to get to school (since there isn’t a traditional bus) and the fucking bus driver flew past my stop and I ripped my earring out while trying to tell him that he missed my stop 🙃

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Real talk my school blocks so much on the wifi it’s such bullshit, vpns don’t even work either 

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waterfall is so small and new its not caught by any of my local schools' filters, its wild

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Waterfall continues to save my life 

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Real talk my school blocks so much on the wifi it’s such bullshit, vpns don’t even work either 


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been seein some cool art that looks like paper cut-outs so i wanted to try makin one with deimos + w +;;

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Only 35 hours left on the Kickstarter!

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Now's your last chance to get a discount on subscription tiers, backer exclusive dashboard skins, and early access to the app beta! Go ahead, we'll make sure you don't regret it. 

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Dragon Queen B&W

Not sure if she's a dragon or a demoness. I am leaning more to demoness. She's the villain in my Death Goddess Outlaw story. She doesn't have a name yet...

Even tho i had her for a looong time now..I am such a bad mom...

Handmade halo brushes from here (x)

tiddywife asked:

put stickers on the headgear!

i will put waterfall exclusive designs on my headgear, yes.

Today's word of the day: Catharsis 



the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions.
"music is a means of catharsis for them"

purging, purgation, purification, cleansing, release, relief, emotional release, freeing, deliverance, exorcism, ridding;

Got back from the dentist consultation today. so. turns up i need braces on top and bottom teeth, dental headgear and a palatal arch appliance so!!! goodbye any trace of dignity.

I’m offering up a night of movie watching while under warm weighted blankets. We gently pet at each other while drowned in nervous but distant affection. We will watch megamind on blue ray.